Welcome to ITCC

The ITCC is an international forum which brings together researchers and practitioners working on different aspects of Information Technology. It is a technical congregation where the latest theoretical and technological advances on Information Technology are presented and discussed. The ITCC is being held in conjunction with another international conference – The Information Systems: Next Generations (ISNG 2005) whose primary emphasis is on information systems hardware, prototypes and architectures.

This year’s conference will bring together the world’s most respected authorities on Information Retrieval, Operating Systems, Networks, Image/Video Processing, Digital Library, Coding & Data Compression, Watermarking, Simulation, VPN Providers, Computer Graphics, Information Technology: Education, Curriculum & Accreditation, Information/Website Security, Data Mining and other IT related technologies.

Whether you participate as a speaker, tutorial presenter, and/or sponsor, you will find ITCC 2017 as the best forum to share your knowledge with other peers in the IT field. The proceedings of the conference will be published by IEEE Computer Society.

The new convention for the 2017 year will be moved to Seattle city. If you desire to register, please visit ourĀ registration page.